Mission Statement

Our goal is to  reintegrate justice involved veterans back into their communities.

What is a justice involved veteran?

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Justice Involved Veterans 

The term justice involved Veterans is used to describe former service members who have been detained by or are under the supervision of the criminal justice system. Their involvement can range from arrest, to court involvement, to incarceration in jail or prison. ~Veterans Administration


Veterans sometimes enter the military seeking a better life from trauma, a trauma that can be exacerbated during their military service. After their military service you now have a veteran suffering compounding trauma. When these traumas escalate the ensuing behavior if not treated may lead to run ins with the law. This is the justice involved veteran.

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What is VAST doing in the community

Mentored over 4000 Incarcerated veterans


Transitioned over 1500 veterans into transitional housing 

VAST can house the average veteran in less than 4 hours

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Veteran Advocates Services & Training


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Your donation can help VAST transition a  homeless veteran to a life saving shelter. Your funding helps us Mentor our mentally ill veterans while they are incarcerated.  


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