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   Mentoring - Re-entry - Housing - Education - Job Placement

Our Services are VAST 
The winning Elevation Strategy

Step 1

Meet them where they are in the jails or on the streets. Building the bond early  helps move them into the next step.
The elevation process begins.


Re-ntry VAST goes into the jail

Path to Freedom

Jail Jake and Tom.jpg

VAST goes into the Harris County Jail twice a week teaching the' "Authentic Manhood" on coping, and anger management. The six month course graduates the incarcerated veterans with a certificate of completion. The TDCJ: Texas Department of Criminal Justice has publicly stated the "Authentic Manhood" training is "valuable" to the  conduct of the parolees. 

Step 2 
We have Housing

Now the trust bond has been created. Move the veterans/ family into getting their basics needs met: food, water, shelter, 
The is second step of their elevation. 

Homeless to Housed

west chast bed room only.jpg

VAST with our community partners can offer veterans single Room Occupancy studio apts. 
HUD-VASH welcome. Some criminal Backgrounds welcome.

Step 3
Behavioral Education

Wholistic Health to include mental/behavioral Health techniques for a more positive mindset.

Path to Wellness

mental health.jpg

VAST works with our community partners to elevate the behavioral health  of our veterans and their families through CPT, DBT sessions

Step 5
Employment Prep and Job  Placement

Move the veteran, now empowered with improved emotional intelligence into a successful career.

Trauma to Triumph


VAST has serval careers paths from construction, to drilling, trucking, warehousing, Mental Health Peer Specialist, and more. In most cases VAST can pay for the trainings. 

Step 4
Educate the community

Organizations on  behavioral health strategies to better assist the veterans 

Community  Education

vAL Head shot 1.png

VAST facilitates an annual Justice Involved Veteran Summit. with representatives for over 50 veterans service organizations

Why we serve

VAST elevates  the most at risk veterans an there families, who's mental health has led to mass incarceration an homelessness.

"Because, at the end of the day, it costs, between shelters and emergency rooms and jails, it costs about $40,000 a year for a homeless person to be on the streets." ~National Alliance to end Homelessness. 

VAST is the solution to the question.

" How do we get veterans off the revolving door of homelessness and incarceration?"

Solution: We meet the veterans where they are and address the behaviors that have kept them on this broken path.  

The VAST family of community partners gets veterans housed, trained and employed., some as Peer Mentors. VAST then deploys them back into the community to walk with others the way we walked with them. The veterans go from costing taxpayers, to becoming one of them.

"To get them off the revolving door you have to show them a new one." ~
VAST CEO Valerie James


What is a justice involved veteran?
Justice Involved Veterans 
The term justice involved Veterans is used to describe former service members who have been detained by or are under the supervision of the criminal justice system. Their involvement can range from arrest, to court involvement, to incarceration in jail or prison. ~Veterans Administration
Veterans sometimes enter the military seeking a better life from trauma, a trauma that can be exacerbated during their military service. After their military service you now have a veteran suffering compounding trauma. When these traumas escalate the ensuing behavior if not treated may lead to run ins with the law. This is the justice involved veteran.

VAST Navigator
Army Master Sargent Jake Hicks

Why he has such a heart to serve the veterans and their families


VAST receives a Proclamation from the City of Houston for our work with veterans!


How VAST serves the community

Be a Champion for Our Veterans: Make a Donation to Veteran Advocates Services and Training


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Your donation can help VAST transition a  homeless veteran to a life saving shelter. Your funding helps us Mentor our mentally ill veterans while they are incarcerated.  

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  • Honesty and integrity.

  • Confidence.

  • Inspire Others.

  • Commitment and Passion.

  • Good Communicator.

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  • Accountability.

 and a heart to serve heroes please join our mission. 

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